Photo of the Month October 2017 – Winters Icy Clutches

The cusp of winter is an incredible time to travel and photograph in the Arctic regions. The sea can freeze over, the sun is low in the sky and there is an ethereal quality to the light that is unmatched by any other season in my experience. This photograph of a winter landscape was taken in March this year on my winter Svalbard expedition (read the trip report). With the sea frozen in around our expedition ship, the sun low in the sky and a gentle low fog hanging in the distance the conditions were absolutely ideal for landscape imagery. This photograph was the result of simply being in the right place at the right time. Taken with the Canon ultra-wide 11-24mm lens I simply stood at the bow of the ship and leaned over to capture the delicious textures of the foreground ice with the wonderful cracks and ice features providing the perfect leading lines up to the distant mountains.I will be leading a new expedition for Arctic landscapes and winter wildlife to Svalbard in winter this coming March. If you are interested in joining me or would like some additional information please drop me an email for further details. There are now only a few places remaining before the expedition will be sold out.

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