Lightroom Creative Cloud Classic Keyboard Shortcuts Update 2017

Keyboard shortcuts are a fantastic way to save time and speed up your workflow when processing images in Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom has a great many keyboard shortcuts (in fact, too many to remember off hand) and some time ago I posted a link to download a really handy cheat sheet. The cheat sheet has now been updated for the latest Lightroom Creative Cloud Classic; which can be downloaded here: Download the Full Resolution Cheat Sheet. There is also a shortcut sheet for Photoshop. Thanks to Natasha for all the hard work in putting this together.

3 thoughts on “Lightroom Creative Cloud Classic Keyboard Shortcuts Update 2017

  1. Many thanks to you and Natasha for this valuable resource!

    I’m looking forward to traveling with you in the future. We have several photo friends in common including David Young and Steve Levi.



  2. Thank you to you and Natasha . I have your other one tacked onto my wall. Very kind of you both to do this for all photographers, and congratulations on your many awards this years.
    Toronto Canada


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