National Geographic Magazine Feature ‘Re-Cut’ of Ghosts of the Arctic

National Geographic magazine are featuring a re-cut of Ghosts of the Arctic on their social media platforms at the moment. On the humorous side they felt the need to subtitle it… I guess my Australian / Icelandic / Norwegian accent was a bit much for some – LOL. The re-cut is only available to view on Facebook at present HERE.

“High in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, photographer Joshua Holko is on a mission to document polar bears in the wild”

In other news, things have been a bit quiet on my blog of late. Mostly, I have been taking the opportunity whilst at home in Australia to catch up on some maintenance around the house and have some actual real down time.

I will be heading up to the Arctic in a little under two weeks for the winter season and there is still much to do before I leave. I hope to finish testing and publish my review of BenQ’s excellent new SW271 4K Photographic monitor as well as finalise details of some new future expeditions. More to come…

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