Arctic Fox Expedition 2018 Complete

Late yesterday I returned to Reykjavik and wrapped up my 2018 expedition for Arctic Fox in the far north-west of Iceland (full trip report coming soon). We had fantastic encounters with Arctic Fox over the course of the expedition; with several encounters within just a metre of our cameras. I have not as yet had time to do anything more than download my photographs from the expedition; but this image from a previous year of a white morph fox that has just caught a field mouse during a passing snow shower.There are still some places available on the 2019 expedition for Arctic Fox and if you are interested in joining this expedition you can register your interest by dropping me an email.

Tomorrow I will make my way up to Svalbard for a few weeks of personal photography before I lead my final Arctic expedition for 2018 north of Spitzbergen in search of Polar Bears, Walrus and spectacular winter landscapes.

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