Photo of the Month April 2018 : The Ice Bear Family

Yesterday I wrapped up my 2018 winter expedition to Svalbard (full trip report coming soon – only a few places left now on the 2019 expedition before it will be sold out) and have now started the long haul trek back to Australia. I am still catching up on all my correspondence but I wanted to post up my photograph of the month for April 2018 whilst I am still in ‘Polar Bear’ mode.  Taken during my summer expedition to Svalbard in 2016 and photographed from zodiac, this very curious young cub was running up and down the edge of the pack ice closely watched by its mother. We photographed this duo for the better part of an hour in soft overcast light. Encounters such as this are rare and fleeting in the Arctic and this remains one of the best and most intimate encounters I have been fortunate to experience whilst photographing these magnificent bears.


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