Departing for New Zealand South Island Masterclass 2018

Tomorrow evening I am making the short hop across the pond to New Zealand where I will guide my 2018 Masterclass workshop in the South Island with friend Phillip Bartlett. This is the last year I am offering and guiding this masterclass in New Zealand for the foreseeable future. Next year I will have a brand new offering to the Great Ocean Road and Tasmania for a small group of just six photographers (more details on that later).As a few of you are aware I am currently nursing a torn lateral tendon in my right elbow which precludes me from lifting or carrying anything heavy (including cameras). As such, I am sort of restricted to shooting on a tripod at the moment and will be travelling quite light (by my standards anyway). Since this workshop is predominantly all about landscape there is no need for big fast (and heavy) telephoto lenses so I can cut down my luggage quite considerably. I am going to take my two tilt and shift lenses as I find I really love these for landscape work on the tripod, as well as my 100-400mm lens for any long lens requirements. I am sure it is going to be quite liberating to travel this light.

F-Stop Red Bull Anja (Carry on Luggage)

– 1 x Canon EOS 1DX MKII body (with spare battery)
– 1 x Canon 17mm TSE F4L Lens
– 1 x Canon 24mm TSE F3.5L Lens
– 1 x Canon 24-70mm F4L IS Lens
– 1 x Canon 100-400mm F4.5 – F5.6L MKII IS Lens
– 1 x Canon 1.4 TC MKIII
– 1 x LEE Filter Kit with Assorted Filters
The South Island of New Zealand is always a spectacular place to visit and photograph and my hope is that this year we have timed our trip perfectly with the peak of Autumn colour. There was a large dump of snow over the last few days so it should be at its most picturesque! See you in New Zealand…

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