Photo of the Month August 2018 – Skeleton Coast Namibia

I returned home to Australia very early this morning from my Svalbard Polar Bear expedition (trip report coming soon). With jet lag already hitting hard I decided to take the opportunity and do a quick blog update with the photograph of the month for August 2018 – An aerial photograph of the Skeleton Coast in Namibia. It was taken during a ‘doors off’ helicopter photography session over the golden dunes just after sunrise. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this sort of photography over the desert is the incredible light found both in the morning and evening. With the sun at a low angle in the sky the shapes, shadows and textures of the dunes are emphasised as they glow with soft light.

I will be returning to Namibia in a couple of months for my bi-annual workshop and we will again be taking up the helicopter both morning and evening for plenty of ‘doors off’ aerial photography. If you are interested in joining us there are just two places remaining before the experience will be sold out.

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