Finland Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival 2018 – Guest Speaker

In a few days time I am heading north up to Finland to be one of the guest speakers at the big European Nature Photo festival being held in Kuusamo. I will be speaking on Saturday the 8th in the morning at 9:45am about photography in Antarctica – Antarctica White Nature and then again on Sunday at 9:00am about Nature photography in Australia.

Slide Show One: Antarctica – White Nature

Specialist Polar photographer and full time professional nature photographer Joshua Holko presents Antarctica – White Nature. A veteran of more than twenty-four expeditions to Antarctica Joshua has extensive experience working and photographing in Antarctica. Antarctica – White Nature showcases Joshua’s incredible portfolio of both landscape and wildlife imagery from one of the worlds last true wilderness areas.

Slide Show Two: Australian Nature Photography

Full time professional nature photographer Joshua Holko presents Australian Nature Photography; a look at both the spectacular coastal landscapes and varied wildlife of Victoria in Southern Australia. Perhaps best know for its marine wildlife, southern Australia is also home to a plethora of bird species as well as marsupials including the Kangaroo, Koala Bear and more.

If you are coming to the festival be sure to come and say hello! And of course, I will be staying on a few extra days for some photography. Although I have photographed in Finland before in the Winter, this will be my first summer visit and I am looking forward to the opportunity for Wolves, Bears and with some luck even Wolvernine! See you in Finland…

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