Photo of the Month December 2018 – Emperors Dance in Snowstorm

I am currently making my way back home from Antarctica and an absolutely superb expedition to the remote sea ice of Gould Bay where I was guiding an expedition to camp with and photograph the mighty Emperor Penguins. I will have a full trip report in a couple of weeks once my feet hit the ground and I have had a few days to catch up on jet lag, but in the meantime I can say it was a truly incredible and life-changing expedition on many levels.

It therefore feels appropriate that my photograph of the month for December 2018 is from a previous expedition to the sea ice of Gould Bay. Photographed well after midnight with the setting sun back lighting the flying snow as an Emperor Dances in the golden light. What really works for me is the quality of the light, the flying snow, the penguins gesture and the soft folds of the ice and snow in the background. It was a deliberate choice to use a fairly slow shutter speed to catch just the right amount of blur in the penguins wings and snow to help give a sense of movement which helps bring the photo to life. These sort of conditions can be very difficult to work in when you are cold and tired, but if you make the effort the rewards can be truly wonderful.


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