Photograph of the Month January 2019 – Midnight Love

The first photograph of the month of January for 2019 comes from my November expedition last year to photograph the Emperor Penguins on the sea ice at Gould Bay in Antarctica. Taken on our last evening, sometime around midnight under the midnight sun. We were fortunate that we had some beautiful soft atmospherics and clouds that worked wonderfully with the golden light backlight. I really wish I could share the print, as the print really makes the photograph come alive a wonderful etherealness that the jpeg just cant match.

I will be returning to the Emperor Penguins at Gould Bay in 2020 for a small group photography expedition. As per the expedition last year (Read the Trip Report) I will take just five photographers with me and several places have now already been spoken for. If you are interested in joining us please register your interest now (Just drop me an email) to avoid any disappointment. There is no obligation at this point.

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