Wild Russia in Winter Siberian Tigers Update

A quick update for the many of you who have registered your interest in photographing Siberian Tigers in Russia in winter. At this stage I am still trying to finalise dates, logistics and costs with my contacts on the ground in Russia. This process is taking far longer than I had originally envisaged or thought possible. Part of the reason for the lengthy delays is I am trying to get permission for us to enter part of an extensive Nature Reserve where the Tigers are being protected that is normally off limits.  How much more time this will take I do not as yet know. At this point the ball is definitely not in my court as I wait for answers, permits and final details. I will post a further update and contact all those who pre-registered once I have more definitive details. My best guess for timing at this stage based on progress to date is that the expedition will not be before December of 2020 at the earliest and this could easily spill into late 2021 early 2022. More details as they come to hand.

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