Departing for Cuba Antipodes Exhibit 2019

A few brief days at home have come and gone and at crack of 5:00am tomorrow I am heading back to the airport for onward travel to the USA and Cuba. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I will have just a few days in the States for a private print workshop before I make my way down to Cuba to open my new exhibition ‘Antipodas’ with friend and fellow photographer Paul Murray. I had hoped to attend PhotoPlus this year, but other commitments dictate I will be in a remote part of Mongolia at this time (more on this later). The new exhibition will open in Camaguey on the 1st of November this year and will travel onward to both Santiago De Cuba before concluding in Havana Cuba 2020 early next year.

This two-person photographic exhibition consists of approximately 18 – 20 photographs from each artist. Holko’s photographs capture the life of the Emperor Penguins of Antarctica in their natural environment while Murray’s images portray the wildlife and natural lands of Namibia. Both works are of outstanding quality and rarity and should be a great opportunity for the Cuban audience to enjoy this very special carefully curated selection. The exhibition opens in Camagüey and will extend to Santiago de Cuba and Havana.

This exhibition project arises as a direct result of curator M.Sc. Juan Carlos Mejías Ruiz, who wants to show the art from these “magicians” of the lens to the Cuban public.  This exhibition will be one of the most important to open during the realisation of the 2019 Noviembre Fotografico and will be inaugurated on Friday, November 1st, in the Republica 289 gallery. Both photographers are “Major League” professionals with the experience and curriculum to match their work.

The Provincial Council of the Plastic Arts of Camagüey is working steadily to support Noviembre Fotografico building on the outstanding results of its previous efforts in 2018, which involved a considerable number of the public and generated a group of activities and content that enriched the city’s panorama of the visual arts and culture achieving a prominent presence in national, international media and social networks.

This will be my first time in Cuba and I am really looking forward to experiencing the culture and Cuba ‘scene’. Since Street photography isn’t really my genre I am travelling extremely light with just a mirrorless Canon EOS R, and one 24-105mm RF F4L IS Lens.  I have a small new BenQ provided camera bag that is just perfect for this trip and I am really looking forward to carrying such a light weight kit. I actually cannot remember the last time I boarded a plane with just one camera and lens!

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