How Many Mega Pixels in the Canon EOS 1DX MKIII

Canon Rumours recently posted a CR2 (that means it came from highly credible source) rumour that the Canon EOS 1DX MKIII will come with a 24 mega pixel sensor. Read the full rumour HERE.  As I noted in my post about the 1DX MKIII announcement, I feel it highly plausible and likely that 24 mega pixels is the final number we will see in the EOS 1DX MKIII. Of course, its possible that the final number may be higher, but I quite honestly doubt it. 24 Mega Pixels is more than sufficient for virtually any application these days (and working Professionals know it). In my own workflow I am regularly making stunning prints as large as 40″ x 60″ with the 20 mega pixel files from the Canon EOS 1DX MKII.

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