Photo of the Month December 2019 – Finland in Fall

It has been a while since I have posted a purely landscape image for my photograph of the month. With the year rapidly drawing to a close I wanted to take the last opportunity for the 2019 year to post a landscape photograph from Finland this Autumn as my December photograph of the month. Photographed not long after sunrise on the shores of a placid lake near Kajaani as a gentle fog was rising. This was a photographic opportunity that only existed for the briefest of moments. The fog was quickly rising and I did not even have time to setup the tripod and instead elected to make the shot handheld rather than risk the chance of loosing the fog. The combination of fall colour, and the fall colour trees reflected in the lakes dark and still waters really works to capture the ethereal and tranquil feeling of the morning.

Finland in the fall is absolutely spectacular and is one of the most underrated landscape and wildlife destinations I have experienced. I will return again to Finland next October to lead a small group workshop for Wolves, Wolverines and Bears. And of course, we will take every opportunity to make these sort of landscape photographs as they present themselves – details are on my website HERE.

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