Mongolia Winter 2020 Expedition – In Search of the Snow Leopard

In December next year I will be leading a brand new small group expedition to Western Mongolia in winter to find and photograph the enigmatic Snow Leopard. The catalyst for this expedition was my recent scouting trip to Mongolia in winter to photograph the Pallas Cat (Read the Trip Report). What I discovered and learned during my trip was that the local nature photographers regard the Pallas Cat as harder to find and more difficult to photograph than the Snow Leopard (Having now spent two weeks tracking and trying to photograph this cat I can confirm it is not easy). What I also discovered was an absolutely fantastic lead on a chance to photograph Snow Leopard in Western Mongolia in winter. As a result I will be heading back to Mongolia in December next year to lead a small group of just three other photographers on an expedition to find and photograph the Snow Leopard in winter. Due to the initial interest I received after my Pallas Cat report the three places are already spoken for and the expedition is already sold out. If you were keen to photograph Snow Leopard in winter my drop me an email as there is already a waiting list on a possible future 2021 expedition. Photograph below courtesy my guide in Mongolia.

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