Departing for New Zealand, The Ross Sea and Antarctica

My few days at home in Australia (where a large part of the continent is currently on fire) after my recent Canada winter workshop for Snowy Owls (Read the Trip Report) have already come and gone and in a few minutes I will be leaving for the airport again to start my thirty-day photography expedition from New Zealand to the sub Antarctic islands (MacQuarrie Island and Snares Island) and the remote Ross Sea region of Antarctica.

I have been wanting to visit the Ross Sea region of Antarctica for many years now and am really excited about what experiences we will have during our voyage. The Ross Sea region of Antarctica is an area rarely visited by people and is by any stretch extremely remote. Emperor penguins on icebergs are a real possibility in this region of Antartica and would make for fantastic photography should the opportunity arise. I am also really excited at the chance to photograph the Snares penguin on Snares Island – one of only three species of penguin the world over I have not yet photographed (I still have to chase down the Galapagos Penguin and the Humboldt).

I was hoping I would be able to lay my hands on the newly announced Canon EOS 1DX MKIII in time for this expedition, but regrettably delivery of the new camera will not be until after the conclusion of this expedition (although I have tested a pre-production sample – initial impressions online). As a result I will be packing both my 1DX MKII cameras. I did toy with the idea of taking my mirrorless EOS R but ultimately decided against it as I just find myself reaching for the 1DX MKII every time.  This may well be the last outing for my 1DX MKII bodies (assuming delivery of the 1DX MKIII is prior to my 2020 Arctic Fox expedition), which have served me reliably and without failure for the four years I have been shooting with them all over the world. I have not bothered to regurgitate the specifications of the Canon EOS 1DX MKIII here on my blog since that information can be found across countless websites. Suffice to say, I am very excited about the new auto focus enhancements and am very keen to get my hands on one and test it out in the field.

As this is a thirty-day expedition I will be packing the following equipment:

  1. 2 x Canon EOS 1DX MKII cameras with spare batteries
  2. 1 x Canon 8-15mm F4L Fish Eye Lens
  3. 1 x Canon 11-24mm F4L Lens
  4. 1 x Canon 24-70mm F4L IS Lens
  5. 1 x Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS MKIII Lens
  6. 1 x Canon 100-400mm f3.5-5.6 L MKII Lens
  7. 1 x Canon 400mm F2.8L IS MKIII Lens
  8. 1 x Canon 600mm F4L IS MKIII Lens
  9. 1 x Sachtler Carbon Tripod and FSB-6 Fluid Head
  10. 1 x Pro Foto B10 Light

For those of you who follow my blog, I am pretty much going to be offline for most of January hereon and early February and as a result there will not be updates to my blog during this time. If you are contacting me while I am offline please be patient as it may take several weeks for me to get back to you. See you in New Zealand and Antarctica!

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