New Canon Photo Culling AI Software Coming Soon 2020

It barely made Photo news headlines, but some weeks ago Canon announced a brand new plug-in for Adobe Lightroom Classic that could potentially be a huge time saver for photographers such as myself who shoot tens of thousands of photographs a year. The software is designed to help you save time during post-processing by intelligently selecting the best shots for you out of a large set of photos.

The plugin is powered by the Canon Computer Vision AI engine and uses technical models to select photos based on a number of criteria: sharpness, noise, exposure, contrast, closed eyes, and red eyes. These “technical models” have customisable settings to give you some ability to control the process. How well this works in the real world remains to be seen, but the potential is there for it to be game changing in terms of time saved. I don’t believe software such as this will ever be able to make the final edit decisions, but if it can help narrow the choice and save time in the process then it is most welcome in my workflow.

Canon says the Photo Culling Plugin will be available sometime before the end of March 2020 through the Adobe Exchange App marketplace. Unfortunately, the plugin won’t be offered with a one-time payment and perpetual license — just like when hiring a human photo assistant, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee (pricing has yet to be announced) for the AI’s services. Such is life these days.

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