Yellowstone in Winter 2021 Workshop Sold Out!

My 2021 Winter workshop to Yellowstone in Winter next year is now Sold Out. It is hard to believe it was 2015 (Read the Trip Report) when I was last in Yellowstone in Winter. Ever since I left this magical place just over five years ago I have been itching to return to photograph the wildlife and landscape in winters icy clutches. My last visit back in 2015 was a very low snow year and temperatures were quite mild. I have high hopes for real sub zero temps and great snow next year.

Speaking of snow; I arrived in Iceland late yesterday afternoon for my Arctic Fox expedition and have found winter is well and truly in full swing. Unlike recent yers there is good snow cover around Reykjavik and I am told the snow cover up in the north west fjords is fantastic. Looking forward this morning to the short flight north and then the boat trip out to the nature reserve.

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