Polar Bears of the High Arctic 2020 2 Places Available

Due to a medical cancellation I have two places that have just become available on my 2020 expedition to Svalbard this July (Read the report from last years expedition) to photograph the King of the Arctic. On this expedition we will be travelling on the ship M.S Freya as we head north to the edge of the pack ice in search of Polar Bears, Walrus, Arctic Fox and beautiful Arctic Landscapes. If you are keen to photograph Polar Bears in a beautiful landscape please drop me an email for further information – due to the initial payments both places are effectively heavily discounted.

The High Arctic is a place to inspire the imagination. Nowhere is it more accessible than the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, located deep within the Arctic Circle. Nowhere else can the Polar Bear be seen more reliably in its natural habitat, and photographing these magnificent animals will be our main objective. We will also search for walrus and the other wildlife of the region. Dramatic glaciers, plunging cliffs and beautiful drift ice formations will be present as well.

Watch the expedition video ‘Kingdom of the Ice Bear’ to get an idea of what this expedition entails.

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