Self Isolation Day Three – Arctic Fox Snow Blindness

Day three of mandatory self isolation includes another follow up photograph of a blue morph arctic fox I photographed on my Arctic Fox workshop this February (full trip report coming very soon). This was also shot on our craziest day (and I felt our best) of weather with very strong winds in excess of twenty metres per second and loads of flying snow.  Visibility was only about ten feet with temperatures somewhere around -25º Celsius with wind chill. The snow was flying so thick and fast that the poor fox was just plastered and constantly having to roll over to clean the snow from its face.

Similarly to the image I posted yesterday, this photograph works for me because of the incredible sense of drama generated by both the flying snow, and the gesture of the snow plastered fox. The photograph was taken hand held with the brand new Canon EOS 1DX MK3 with the Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS MK3.  Camera Settings: ISO800 f6.3, 1/1500th of a second.

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