Self Isolation Day Twelve – Namibia Ghost Town

Day twelve of mandatory self isolation (not long to go now!) includes a photograph I made on my workshop to Namibia in 2019. Taken at the ghost town of Kolmonskop I chose this particular side of the building as the low angle of sun was throwing beautiful warm light into the room and across the sand. Kolmonskop is one of my favourite places in Namibia for landscape photography. The sand filled buildings and cracked and weathered pastel paint make for a wonderful combination. The key to photographing in this location is to pay extra special attention the light and which buildings and rooms are receiving light. Kolmonskop tends to be quite a dreary and solemn place making it perhaps more critical than usual to pay extra special attention to the angle and play of light across the subject.

The photograph was taken tripod mounted with the Canon EOS 1DX MK2 with the Canon 24mm f.35L TSE MK2 w/ Canon 1.4 TC for an effective focal length of approximately 35mm.

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