Self Isolation Day Fourteen – Big Brown Bear

Day fourteen of mandatory self isolation (freedom tomorrow!) includes a photograph I made in September last year of a large adult male Brown Bear emerging from the forest on the Finland / Russia Border. I had actually positioned myself in a small portable ground level hide along a game trail where I had seen wolves the evening before in the hope they would come back (they did just before dark). I had not expected this large fellow to come wandering out of the forest! The bear came within just a dozen feet of my hide on his way past which gave me a great opportunity to photograph him with the beautiful soft grasses in the foreground.

The photograph was taken from a small ground level portable hide, hand held with the Canon EOS 1DX MK2 with the Canon 600mm f4L IS MK3 at ISO1600 f5.6 at 1/400th of a second. I will be returning to Finland in September this year to lead another workshop to this amazing location for Wolves, Wolverine and Bears (only two places remaining).

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