New Studio and New Mac Pro Tower of Power

Things have been a little quiet on my blog over the last week or so as I have been very busy with renovations and painting during the COVID lock down (It seemed the ideal time to make the most of the forced time at home). My days have mostly been spent at the ugly end of a paintbrush as I have moved from room to room splashing a new lease of life around the walls and ceiling. Painting has to be the exact antithesis of what I would rather be doing and if it were not for this current COVID crisis I would be in Svalbard right now sharing a wonderful experience with a group of passionate photographers.  Ce la’ Vie.

As well as painting the place I also recently moved my studio and office (down sized a bit) and added a new Mac Pro computer for my video and image editing workflow. I will probably do a video in the coming weeks on why I decided to pony up the substantial cash for the new Mac Pro and what my mind set and reasoning were for this not inexpensive purchase decision. In the end, I opted for the spec. below; which I felt offered really good bang for buck performance. I do have some updates in my mind down the road, such as the addition of an After Burner card for editing Prores and more internal SSD storage. – more to come on that later.

3 thoughts on “New Studio and New Mac Pro Tower of Power

  1. And now for no particular reason, all workshops in 2021 are now $500 more expensive. 🙂

    All joking aside, I would enjoy some insight into why you made the choices you did. The RAM and SSD sizes seem like fun overkill, but they make sense. The CPU is a little puzzling to me. 16 cores (making 32 virtual cores) is a lot, especially for a Xeon CPU. I know the new Mac Towers only offer Xeons, so I’d be curious about the real-world performance and how whatever software you are using manages to scale up to be able to take advantage of the far-above average power available.


    1. LOL!

      I will try and do a video in a couple of weeks on my thoughts, reasoning and impressions. I did put a lot of thought into the specs and some of them are unskilled for a little future proofing…..


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