Post Production Video #1 Adobe Lightroom CC – Finland Wolf

Today I am kicking off what I hope will be a whole new series of videos on instructional photographic discussion and post production. This is something I have been meaning to to do for quite a while now but due to my extensive travels have not had time to shoot and edit. The silver lining in the current COVID crisis is that I have finally had the time to sit down and start to not only process some of my photographs, but also document the process and explain my post production step-by-step; as well as discuss a little of the back story behind the photographs and my thought process on the capture. If you enjoy this video please drop me a comment and let me know so that I can do more of them. It is my intention to share not only the post production process, but also my thoughts behind the actions as well as additional videos on printing and colour management. It also helps me if you hit the subscribe button in You Tube, which will mean you are always up to date on the latest video. This doesn’t mean I am turning into a ‘You Tuber’ – perish the thought! But I do want to share more from my studio and video is a wonderful means to do so.

One thought on “Post Production Video #1 Adobe Lightroom CC – Finland Wolf

  1. Thanks for this – always interesting to get an insight in thoughts and methods on processing photos. Agreed on Texture – since that has appeared in Lr I hardly even glance at Clarity. Your previous tip on using contrast enhancement in Nik ColorEfex has also been very useful.

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