Natures Best Photography Semi-Finalist 2020

I was very pleased to receive notification a few days ago that one of my photographs has been selected as a finalist images in Natures Best Photography 2020 competition. I have now had my photography make the semi-finals over eight years and am honoured to have had my photograph selected again. I can’t share which photograph has been selected at this point in the judging, but will post the image up as soon as the final judging is complete. Hint, it was something from the Northern Hemisphere (not a Wolf or Polar Bear)…

Edit – Yes, I know I wrote some time ago that I was pretty much done with online digital photography competitions; but the lack of travel, photography and increased time at home as a result of COVID-19 has given me the opportunity (read not much else to do) to enter just a couple of online competitions – including Natures Best Photography and the new AIPP Silver Lining Awards. I will have more to say soon on the AIPP Silver Lining Awards – stay tuned.

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