Gura Gear Chobe 2.0 Coming Soon to Kickstarter

It isn’t very often I get excited about a camera bag these days; but today might just be an exception. Gura Gear have just announced the worlds best carry on travel accessory bag for photographers is about to be re-released in an upgraded an improved 2.0 version – The Chobe 2.0.

I have been using the Chobe for years as my ‘go to’ carry on bag for my laptop and accessories when travelling ever since it was first released. It has been to every continent on the planet and done well over 250 flights. It has been kicked around ship cabins, thrown into hotel rooms, soaked in zodiac rides and buried in snow. It is probably the first camera bag I have owned that I have literally worn out and I have been waiting for a replacement for some time now. The Chobe 2.0 is going to be available in both 13″ and 16″ sizes to accomodate either a 13″ or 16″ Macbook Pro and should be available to preorder shortly.

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