Covid Update Svalbard Winter 2021 Delayed

As a direct result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the slow roll out of the vaccine and the continual travel bans, mandatory quarantine and closure of countries around the world my 2021 Winter Polar Bear expedition to Svalbard is being delayed until 2022. This expedition was originally planned for 2020, but will now run in April of 2022. New dates will be advised as soon as possible. Participants will be contacted directly via email.

For all of you who have written to me expressing understanding of the need for workshop and expedition delays I am extremely grateful. The COVID pandemic has has presented extremely difficult and ongoing logistical challenges to the business. Your support, patience and understanding has been very much appreciated. I am also grateful to remain healthy when so many around the world have been far less fortunate. Here in Australia, we are almost completely COVID free; with only a small handful of cases that are being managed through our hotel quarantine system. We are expecting vaccine roll out to begin around March with health workers and the elderly at the front of the line. Australia’s management of COVID has been effective by world standards, but has but has had a devastating impact on local business. Our dictatorial and dystopian style lockdown has destroyed thousands of businesses and had enormous mental health implications across our country. Although the media is portraying our approach as effective in the management of COVID (it has been); it is important to note that it has come at an incalculable cost to mental health and business. Many here in Australia have kept their lives as a result of our governments lockdowns, but have lost their livelihoods. We now need to help them rebuild.

With the vaccine in the early stages of roll out around the world I am hopeful we will be able to get back to travel and photography around the middle of the year. Workshop and expedition participants will always be contacted personally via email of any updates pertaining to their booked experience and subsequent updates will be made here on my blog.

Stay safe, well and healthy and I look forward to better times for all as the world rolls out the vaccine.

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