February Photograph of the Month – Feeding Time

The photograph of the month for February 2021 comes from my last Emperor Penguin expedition to Gould Bay in Antarctica (I am really looking forward to returning in late 2022). One of the challenges with Emperor Penguin photography is being able to effectively isolate one or two penguins from the main colony (often easier said than done). As I have often quipped, Penguins have little respect for composition.

In this photograph, an isolated adult was in the process of feeding its young after returning from a fishing expedition. This was one of the photographs I was really hoping to capture during my last expedition. This is a moment that only lasts a few seconds and was something I made a very concerted effort to capture. Typically, one of the adults walks miles across the sea ice before spending its time fishing and subsequently returning to feed its chick. The actual feeding process lasts just a second or two before the other parent takes their turn to take the long walk across the sea ice to go fishing.

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