BenQ Webinar Feedback and Future Webinars

Yesterday evening I presented my one-hour webinar with BenQ on How to take Better Wildlife Photographs. The webinar had a huge (in fact a BenQ record) number of registrations and a great number of participants (despite the time differences). The one hour just flew past and although I tried to squeeze in as much as I could there were still many topics, tips and stories I just did not get time to cover.

I do want to thank all of you who participated and who took the time to fill in the survey at the end of the webinar. The comments received were 100% positive, constructive and really helpful in the planning of future events. There will be further webinars coming courtesy of BenQ covering more aspects of both Wildlife and Landscape photography and I will post the timing for them as soon as possible. The webinar from last night is currently being uploaded to BenQ’s You Tube channel for those of you who missed it or could not attend because of the time differences. I will post the link a the bottom of this post as soon as it is live.

Webinar Link

Just a samle of the feedback received to date:

Very insightful.  Was great and be great to have another webinar!
Yes, but needs another on what Josh didn’t get to.
Yes.  Very informative
That was great, thank you. Joshua explains his process so well and I love my BenQ monitor
Yes. It was very insightful about the use of new cameras and old cameras and the use of lenses. Also, about the research required , preparation  of the shot and the use of backlight,etc.
Thank you very informative, fabulous wildlife photography thanks so much for the wonderful presentation
Yes,  Joshua was a great presenter and the content was very interesting.
Very insightful, loved it
Yes, great information!
It was fantastic. Alot covered in a short time. Well worth it.
Yes great information
Yeah it was lovely to hear Joshua’s thoughts and more ideas on how to capture a great image 🙂
yes.  I learnt a great deal, thank you
Yes. so much common sense that applied to my budget, equipment, and ability, as well as to high flyers.
Yes very
I like the practical photography tips that were given
Yes. Some great tips on wildlife photography
Yes ….excellent information
great webinar, Josh’s passion really shone throughout the webinar
What I managed to see at the end, mostly the Q and A section was valuable. I failed to pick up that it was 6.30 pm Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra and then make the necessary adjustment. I’m looking forward to seeing the recording.
Yes, great background on techniques and app,ication.
Yes, I didnt know much about photography before this
yes – fantastic
Brilliant. It has inspired me to reconnect with my photography that has been in the background for a while.
Yes, I liked the stories of “out in the field”, that was useful. I’d like to see what wasn’t mentioned in the time frame given, and perhaps offered links to them.
Yes, loved the content. Very informative and useful.
Yes, I found it extremely valuable and I was able to gather a lot of insight
This was a most helpful webinar by a very competent speaker. Most enjoyable
Certainly was
Yes, very helpful and lots of useful information to digest. Please have Joshua Holko back for another session.
Yes.  Getting down to the eye level of the animal.
Yes wonderful in sight on wildlife photography.
Yes, lots of tips which related directly to the images
Yes, there was alot of information to take away from this webinar. The speaker is very insightful and knowledgeable in his field. Every photographer uses different techniques and its interesting to hear about their journey and tools of trade.
Great content, definitely useful.
Yes. Really enjoyed the presentation. Great Q+A
I once watched Joshua Holko’s presentation before and waited for this opportunity.  It was fantastic and he covered wide variety of things in such a short time.  I certainly learnt a lot and got inspired.  Thanks a lot.
there were lots of off the cuff comments, that resonated, and either consolidated what i already knew, or gave new ideas and prospective. Thanks Joshua the info on monitors was also very helpful as i am in the process of deciding about one
Yes, brilliantly presented and informative.
I am an experienced – expert wildlife photographer. I picked up a few pointers but the webinar was still very useful to me as it confirms that I am not doing too much wrong. It covered many of the things that I share with my safari clients and at presentations.
Excellent. Ran out of time, so another session would be great.
Yes. Practical and useful information. Longer would have been good but presenter was very thorough.
Re confirmed some of my rules, plus learnt lots more.
Yes. Josh is clearly a subject matter expert and comes across really well
Yes and interesting to hear how Joshua takes his photos and that he does not rely on post production which I really believe in, if you take a great shot then there should be minimal post production. It sounds like Joshua doesnt really use a tripod?
Yes! I really enjoyed Joshua’s willingness to provide answers to questions and be candid about his approach.

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