Antarctica Expedition 2023 Limited Cabin Availability Update

The Captain Suites and all Mini-Suites are now sold out on my 2023 December Return to Antarctica expedition. Availability of twin-private cabins is now also limited. Twin-Share and Triple share still has some good availability.

Our ship for this expedition, the newly refitted Polar Pioneer, with a capacity of just 52 photographers means we will all be able to all land at the same time and spend hours ashore at each of our landing locations. Our choice time-slot of December 8th – December 21st 2023 is absolutely ideal for both ice and snow; whilst providing us a fantastic opportunity for a potential landing at Deception Island and a subsequent cruise through the spectacular Lemaire Channel – a landscape photographers paradise.

Antarctica is one of the most exciting destinations on the planet for both landscape and wildlife photography. The enigmatic white continent is without doubt the premiere and sought after location for Polar Photography on our planet. With its monumental icebergs, towering mountains and glaciers and plethora of wildlife it offers the intrepid photographer a unique and powerful photographic experience.

Wether you are a seasoned Antarctic veteran, or a first time traveller, this expedition is sure to offer you unparalleled and unique opportunities not offered anywhere else. You will be one of just 52 photographers on a dedicated expedition designed solely to offer the best possible photographic experiences – A return to the Great White Continent! If you are considering your first Antarctic expedition; be sure to read our guide on how to choose the right expedition for you. Download HERE.

For more information, or to book one of the remaining places please drop me an email to Bookings are on a first come, first served basis.

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