Canon EOS R3 New Images Leak

A few days ago two new images of the upcoming Canon EOS R3 leaked and sprung up on various equipment and rumour websites around the internet. This new leak gives us a look at what ‘might’ be the rear of the camera. It should be noted that Canon has not made any further announcements since its initial development announcement several weeks ago; where it showed us a picture of the front of the camera.

It appears from the newly leaked photographs that the R3 will have a fold out LCD screen. However, despite these photographs being leaked by reputable source I actually find it hard to believe that the R3 will have a flip out screen. A flip out screen makes little sense in a Sports / Wildlife camera. Yes, there are occasions when it can be useful for wildlife or sports, but on the whole a flip out screen is more of a compromise and liability in my experience (unless you are shooting video). The R3 will certainly be video capable; but its focus is most definitely going to be as a stills camera. Canon already has many video offerings in the market and an R3 that was focused on video makes little sense at present.

Flip out screens take significant real estate away from what could have been a larger LCD screen (due to the flip out mechanism itself), are a liability in freezing conditions as they tend to break, offer additional egress points for water and offer no advantage over wireless remote shooting with an iPhone or iPad device.

A couple of other things to point out is the massive viewfinder window. This is most likely for the eye AF point selection. We also get the same AF ON button feature from the EOS-1D X Mark III.

Take these photographs with a large dose of salt and put me in the camp of hoping they are faked (as I don’t really want a flip out screen). I have heard that availability for the R3 will be in 2021 – but that timeline has not been confirmed by Canon. We also need to keep in mind that Canon has stated that this new R3 is NOT a replacement for the 1DX MKIII.

Canon EOS R3 Features that are confirmed:

  • Full-Frame Stacked BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Eye Control AF, Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Subject Tracking with Deep Learning
  • Continuous Shooting Up to 30 fps
  • Integrated Vertical Grip
  • Weather-Sealed Construction

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