Introducing the Wild Nature Photography Podcast

Today I am very excited to announce the publication of my new Wild Nature Photography Podcast – A podcast that talks the Art and Craft of Nature Photography. Podcasting is something I have wanted to do for many months now and with yet another COVID lockdown underway here in Victoria it seemed the time was right to finally start this project. The podcast is intended to be supplemental to my blog and a more informal platform for photographic discussion. The podcast will include everything from my thoughts and musings on Nature photography to the craft and equipment side of the business. Just do a search on your favourite Podcast application for Wild Nature Photography and you should have no problem finding it. If you enjoy the first two episodes please be sure to subscribe and leave a positive review.

Direct links to the first two episodes and a discussion on the EOS 3 Development announcement are included below:

Episode One – Canon EOS 3 Development Announcement

Episode Two – Canon EOS 3 Development Announcement Part Two

One thought on “Introducing the Wild Nature Photography Podcast

  1. Even as someone who only shoots as a hobby, I found this podcast really insightful. Josh is articulate and direct, and clearly has a great understanding of the technical, artistic and business sides to photography. I’m keeping an eye out for episodes 3 and beyond!


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