WNPP Episode #4 How Many Mega Pixels is Enough?

I have just published Episode #4 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. In this episode we discuss the rather complex and mostly miss-understood topic of how many mega-pixels we actually need in real world applications. Mega-pixels are somewhat of a divisive topic amongst photographers so it is worth taking a moment to put the caveat in place that my thoughts and comments relate to 35mm digital sensors and not larger medium format sensors or smaller micro 4/3rds sensors. Regardless of sensor size though; one thing holds true with current technologies – the smaller the sensor and the smaller the pixel size (and thus the ‘well’ that captures actual photons), the higher the noise will be at a given ISO. Irrespective of the science and physics involved, there remains a lot of misinformation and often deliberate misdirection on the internet about this topic so I hope this will help clear up the murky waters of how many mega-pixels is enough in real world applications.

Episode Four – How Many Mega-Pixels is Enough?

Arctic Fox 2020

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