Arctic Fox Expedition 2022 Sold Out

My 2022 Winter expedition to photograph Arctic Fox in the remote north west Hornstrandir Reserve in Iceland is now sold out. If you missed out and are keen to photograph this tenacious little predator in a spectacular winter setting then I am now taking bookings for the 2023 expedition. The 2023 expedition will run from February 8th until February 14th (7 Days / 6 Nights) and includes return private transfer in a charter boat to our private cabin (departing from the town of Isafjord), accomodation in private rooms in the cabin, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of the expedition and all photographic instruction.

Our accommodation for the expedition is a cozy but rugged haven for photographers to enjoy a great atmosphere after a day out in the cold photographing Arctic Foxes. The house was originally built in 1921. In 1948 (just 27 years later), the last inhabitants left this isolated arctic peninsula in search of a better life. The cabin was abandoned for many years and has only recently been restored. Although no one lives here permanently, the cabin is a great getaway and the perfect place to accommodate us whilst we photograph wild Arctic Foxes. Curious Arctic Foxes frequently stop past the cabin to investigate visitors and it is possible to even photograph them from right outside the cabin on occasion. Life is simple in the cabin and you’ll be taken back in time as you enjoy how people lived in the area more than sixty years ago.

The cabin includes:

– Bathroom, toilet and hot shower.
– Bunk-bed accommodation with duvets provided
– Full kitchen (chef to prepare meals and clean)
– Hydronic and log fire heating
– Power for laptops and battery charging (generator provided) – Outdoor Sauna

If you are interested in photographing one of Nature’s greatest feats of engineering in a beautiful and private winter setting then please drop me an email to register your interest.

How to Take Better Wildlife Photographs in Winter Webinar

Just a reminder that this coming Wednesday the 16th of June at 6:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, I will be giving a free live webinar courtesy of BenQ on how to take better wildlife photographs in Winter. The webinar will include tips, recommendations on equipment and clothing as well as example photographs. I will also be talking a little about why colour calibration and accuracy is important. The webinar is free and is made possible through the generous support of BenQ. The webinar will be held in ZOOM and Registration is mandatory. You can register HERE.

WNPP Episode #4 How Many Mega Pixels is Enough?

I have just published Episode #4 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. In this episode we discuss the rather complex and mostly miss-understood topic of how many mega-pixels we actually need in real world applications. Mega-pixels are somewhat of a divisive topic amongst photographers so it is worth taking a moment to put the caveat in place that my thoughts and comments relate to 35mm digital sensors and not larger medium format sensors or smaller micro 4/3rds sensors. Regardless of sensor size though; one thing holds true with current technologies – the smaller the sensor and the smaller the pixel size (and thus the ‘well’ that captures actual photons), the higher the noise will be at a given ISO. Irrespective of the science and physics involved, there remains a lot of misinformation and often deliberate misdirection on the internet about this topic so I hope this will help clear up the murky waters of how many mega-pixels is enough in real world applications.

Episode Four – How Many Mega-Pixels is Enough?

Arctic Fox 2020

WNPP Episode #3 Why a New Camera may be detrimental to your Photography

I have just published Episode #3 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. I had indicated that this episode would be all about mega-pixels and how many we actually need in real world applications; however, I had two emails yesterday asking for advice on buying new cameras which means its timely for a conversation on the pros and cons of purchasing a new camera. As such, in this episode we examine why purchasing a new camera may very well be detrimental to your photography.

Episode Three – Why a New Camera may be Detrimental to Your Photography