Calibrite Powered by X-Rite

In case you missed the industry news, the i1Display and i1 Studio devices from X-Rite will now live under the Colour Checker name from Calibrite. The technology is identical and as before all devices are still powered by X-Rite. The branding has changed and there will be more support and education in the market place going forward. Head over to Calibrite to check out all the news. I will be staying on as an ambassador for the X-Rite range of Pro Photography Products (Coloratti) as well as working with Calibrite as an ambassador for their photographic suite of products.

Today, X-Rite Incorporated and Calibrite announce their partnership to transition the X-Rite photo and video portfolio to Calibrite, a newly formed company dedicated to servicing the colour management needs of the photo, video, and content creation markets. Calibrite will collaborate with X-Rite on product development and take direct global control of the packaging, distribution, and marketing of X-Rite photo solutions. The new Calibrite suite of products will be powered by X-Rite technology. 

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