Snowy Owls and Yellowstone Workshops Delayed until 2023

A few days ago I noted in podcast number #17 that both my January 2022 Workshop for Snowy Owls and subsequent workshop to Yellowstone would both be delayed until 2023. The primary reason for delaying both of these trips is that both are almost exclusively booked with Australian clients (not normally the case for me) and as a result of the ongoing restrictions on international travel into and out of Australia it is highly likely to be impossible for most to attend.

With the USA more or less soldiering on with life as normal, regardless of COVID, and with Canada starting to open up it might seem strange to most of the world that we remain isolated and locked in. Our government is showing no signs of easing international travel restrictions any time soon. In reality, I expect it will likely be mid 2022 before international travel is re-opened in and out of Australia for general tourism. Whilst this wont have significant impact on me personally (I can get a business permit and exemption); it will affect anyone planning to travel overseas from Australia to photograph.

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