Canon Officially Announce the EOS R3

Unless you live under a rock (a big one), you will already be aware that Canon has finally announced the EOS R3 camera. Not much needs to be said about this camera. There are already many YouTube videos on pre-production samples that cover everything from the specifications to initial impressions, so I will not regurgitate the same information yet again. I think it’s important to note that all opinions are strictly those of the YouTubers, and virtually all of them need a copious dose of salt applied. These days, YouTube is little more than a vehicle for ‘hits .’ As such, these ‘tubers’ seem willing to spin just about anything in pursuit of followers and subscribers. Not to stray too far, but if I watch one more video that starts with ‘please subscribe’ or ‘smash that bell notification,’ I may lose it for a bit….

Dealing with the facts, production versions of the camera will not start shipping until some time in November this year. This means I will not be able to get my hands on a final production version until I return from Finland (somewhere around mid-November). I have placed a deposit for the R3, and I am very much looking forward to putting it through its paces later this year. I expect it to outperform the 1DX MK3 in some areas (that is just a natural evolution of technology). What remains to be seen is how well the camera performs in extreme cold. I won’t know the answer until Mongolia in winter (December) or Iceland in Winter in early 2022. Until such time, the 1DX MK3 remains king for cold-weather wildlife work.

2 thoughts on “Canon Officially Announce the EOS R3

  1. I hit the like button on this post. You’re welcome.

    One of the things that looked interesting about the earlier mirrorless cameras was that they were smaller and lighter. This looks like it is reversing that trend, but it is also for a very different audience. Looking forward to seeing how it fits into the new weight-reduced world while sitting in the high-end slot and replacing one of the most rugged cameras ever.


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