Photo of the Month November 2021 – Blonde Wolf

The photograph of the month for November 2021 is from my current and ongoing trip to the far north of Finland to photograph Wolves and Wolverines in late Autumn. All of this photography is from hides situated in no-mans land between Finland and Russia.

My preference for this style of wildlife photography is to be as close as possible to eye level with the animals and as such I prefer to be on the ground (even though it is a lot colder and a lot more uncomfortable). This photograph of a blonde wolf emerging from the Boreal forest is enigmatic of the type and style of wildlife photography that can be accomplished up here. It was photographed from ground level inside a hide with the Canon EOS 1DX MK3 and the Canon 600mm f4L IS MK3. There is a wonderful stance and poise to the wolf’s posture that just oozes mystery and power and that is highly evocative of this elusive species.

For those of you who are interested, I will be finalizing dates for another Autumn workshop in this part of Finland in late 2022 (October). More details to come soon.

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