Ellesmere Island 2023 Expedition Search for the White Wolf Sold Out

Both my 2022 and 2023 Winter expeditions to Ellesmere Island with friend and fellow photographer David Gibbon to find and photograph the incredible white Arctic Wolf are now sold out. In addition to the white Arctic Wolf, we will also search for Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Musk Ox, and Polar Bears. We are currently considering a future expedition for 2024 and like our 2022 and 2023 expeditions, participant numbers will be extremely limited (we will only take 4 photographers). Winter temperatures on Ellesmere at this time of year frequently dip to -40º Celsius and below, and as such participants must be physically fit and capable of withstanding extreme cold for extended periods. As such all applications are screened for suitability and experience. If you feel you have the ‘right-stuff’ and if you are looking for a unique and special experience to photograph the incredible animals that survive in the Arctic winter then drop me an email to register your interest. No obligation at this point.

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