WNPP Episode #38 Arctic Fox Wrap up and Canon EOS R3 Performance

I have just published Episode #38 of my Wild Nature Photography Podcast. This podcast episode includes a wrap-up from my 2022 Arctic Fox Expedition to the far north of Iceland and my thoughts on the performance of the Canon EOS R3 in the Iceland Winter as well as a brief introduction to my current Winter Wolves workshop in Finland.

In equipment news: BenQ has recently achieved the world’s first Pantone SkinTone Validated certification for their selected current SW (SW321C/SW240) and upcoming new PD models (PD3205U/PD2705U). You can read about the official AU Press Release here: https://www.benq.com/en-au/news/products/benqpantoneskintonevalidatedpressrelease.html

3 thoughts on “WNPP Episode #38 Arctic Fox Wrap up and Canon EOS R3 Performance

  1. Based on your experience with the R3, did your opinion on eye autofocus change from the article you wrote in November for Petapixel? Or does it simply make life easier?


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