Preparation and Packing for Africa 2022

Every other year, I guide a workshop in Africa for both landscape and wildlife. My last was to Namibia back in 2018 – pre-pandemic. This year I will be leading a trip to Zululand in South Africa for wildlife and will be departing in just a few days’ time.

Packing and preparations for Africa are considerably easier than in the Polar regions as it obviously requires far less in the way of warm clothing and cold-weather equipment. In fact, outside of camera gear, it’s pretty much shorts, a t-shirt, and a sunhat, making packing a joy and pleasure. In terms of equipment, though; for this workshop, I will take the following:

Camera Equipment

2 x Canon EOS R3 cameras with 2 spare batteries

1 x Canon RF 14-35mm f4

1 x Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8 or Canon 100-500 RF (I still can’t decide). I love the flexibility of the 100-500, but it’s just a bit slower than I would like.

1 x Canon RF 600mm f4L IS USM

You might notice that there is no mid-range zoom in my kit for this trip. After traveling to so many locations and never actually using my 24-105, I decided this time to simply leave it at home. I am sure that means that I will probably want and/or need it at some point…

For those of you who have asked when I will next return to Namibia; I am planning an all-new trip to this amazing country for 2024. If you want to get the jump on it and secure a place drop me an email (no obligation at this point).

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