Photo of the Month August 2022 Nightime Elephant

The photograph of the month for August 2022 comes from my recent workshop in Zululand South Africa (Read the Trip Report) and is of a large male Elephant taken from one of our many nighttime hide sessions. Shot with the Canon RF 14-35mm lens at 14mm at just 1/8th of a second (handheld); this is a photograph that likely would not have been possible before the advent of the Canon RF system. The combination of IBIS and lens Image Stabilisation meant it was possible to shoot at slow enough a shutter speed to blur the water dripping from the mouth of the Elephant. The scene was lit by two tungsten lights either side of the watering hole. The elephant was so close to the hide that even at 14mm it was full frame on the EOS R3.

The opportunities we experienced during this workshop were both unique and special and as a direct result of the success of the 2022 workshop I will be returning again in May of 2023 with a small group of photographers. This will be an intensive wildlife masterclass with unparalleled and unique photographic opportunities.  This will be a full camp take over meaning that there will be many more opportunities in the overnight photography hides than normal. There will also be ground-level walking with Cheetah photography as well as opportunities with all the big African five – Lions, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, elephants, and giraffes. There is also the chance for more elusive cats including Leopard and Serval.

This exclusive workshop is for a strictly limited number of just fourteen participants (more than half the places already spoken for) plus a leader and is dedicated to photography of African wildlife at ground level. Although the camp can accommodate many more, we are limiting the number to just fourteen to ensure the best possible experience. Additionally, there will be extensive photographic tuition on how to get the best wildlife photographs including how to get the best photographic results at night from the overnight hides. There will also be multiple hide visits for everyone in the group without the usual restrictions as well as more opportunities for one-on-one tuition in the field.

As we are based in the one-game reserve for the duration of the workshop there are no restrictions on how much equipment you can bring – so bring what you need! If you are excited by the idea of photographing many of Africa’s incredible species at ground level from luxurious private hides then now is the time to register your interest. Places are extremely limited and once spoken for that’s it. Drop me an email for further information including a detailed PDF itinerary. To get an idea of the sort of photographs you can make on this masterclass be sure to check out the high resolution photographs in my South Africa Portfolio.

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