Photo of the Month September 2022 – Impala in Rising Fog

The photograph of the month for September 2022 comes from my recent June 2022 workshop to South Africa (Read the Trip Report) and is of three back-lit Impala in rising fog at sunrise. Photographed from one of the private luxury hides at the game reserve, this photograph was simply a case of right place, right time. It was pure serendipity that the Impala were positioned so perfectly in the frame with the sun burning off the morning fog. In many ways this is probably my favourite photograph from this workshop as it is highly evocative of early mornings in Africa at this time of the year.

I will be returning to Zululand in South Africa in May of next year to lead a second workshop to this remarkable area of South Africa. The workshop includes luxury accomodations, access to all of the state of the art private hides, as well as first access to all new ground level photography vehicles. If you have ever been frustrated by the inability to photograph wildlife at ground level in Africa then this is the experience you have been looking for. Further details are available on my website at or drop me an email for further information.

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