Scoresby Sund Greenland 2022 a Wrap!

Early this morning I wrapped up my 2022 expedition to Scoresby Sund on the East Coast of Greenland. An expedition of some incredible light, including the best sunrise I have ever experienced in Greenland. Some weather delays, some monumental icebergs of enormous proportion, some fog, some winter weather, some careful sailing through the brash ice, and a race-the-storm crossing back across the Denmark Strait. My sincere thanks to all who participated and shared in this experience. I will have a full trip report in the coming days. I now have just one night in Keflavik in Iceland and early tomorrow will fly to the wilds of Finland for Wolves of the Taiga forest. Dates for the Wolves in Finland for 2023 and 2024 I will have very soon – stay tuned for details.

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