BenQ Webinar Post Production of Ice and Snow November 2022

On Wednesday the 2nd of November this year (2022) at 6:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, I will be giving my fourth free live webinar with BenQ. The topic of this webinar will be how to post-produce photographs with ice and snow for maximum tone and contrast and emotional impact. I will be taking attendees through my full workflow for producing photographs with maximum texture and tone with ice and snow and showing how to get the very best from your RAW files. I will also be talking a little about why color calibration and accuracy is important. There will also be a live Question and Answer session to address all your queries on post-production relating to ice and snow. The webinar is free and is made possible through the generous support of BenQ. The webinar will be held in ZOOM and Registration is mandatory. You can register HERE. BenQ are going to record the episode and make it available for those of you in different time-zones.

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