Natures Best Photography Semi-Finalist 2022

Earlier today I received the exciting news that I am a multiple semi-finalist in the 2022 Nature’s Best Photography competition. This is the first photographic competition I have entered since the AIPP closed its doors in late 2021. The closure of the AIPP regrettably also saw the end of the much lauded APPA photographic print competition. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the finished print and vastly prefer the printed image to the digital facsimile. The loss of APPA was a deep, personal blow for me (and many others) and I do wish we had an alternative print competition. In 2022 however, there are regrettably no print competitions remaining of note; so after some soul searching I decided to enter Natures Best Photography (along with a couple of other Digital only competitions).

I cannot as yet share which photographs have made the semi-finals; but I am very pleased to have multiple photographs in the semi-finals after quite a long hiatus of entering photographic competitions (especially digital ones). More to come as soon as I am able to share the photographs. In the meantime, please enjoy this image of the Pallas Cat – my favourite from my last expedition to Mongolia.

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