World Photographic Cup Full Team Australia Announced

The full Australian team for the 2023 World Photographic Cup has just been announced. Congratulations to all team members!

Commercial Category:

Steve Scalone, Forough Yavari, Mark Duffus

Illustrative/Digital Art Category:

Peter Rossi, Damien Bowerman, Forough Yavari

Nature/Wildlife Category:

Joshua Holko, Diana Fernie, Liz Harlan

Nature/Landscape Category:

Graeme Gordon, Mieke Boynton, Tebani Slade

Portrait Illustrative Category:

Forough Yavari, Nancy Flammea, Peter Rossi

Portrait Natural Category:

Robert Coppa, Kelly Brown, Peter Rossi

Reportage Category:

Andy Cheung, Matt Palmer, Lacey Barrett

Wedding Category:

Ky Luu, Paul McCall, Mauro Cantelmi

Best of Nation winners and finalists will be announced at Imaging USA on 24th January. The cup winner will be announced in Singapore on 17th March 2023. Best of Luck to all our Aussie Team Members. See their images at the WPC team Australia Website

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