Departing for Ellesmere Island and Offline March 2023

A few days back in Australia have already come and gone, and in a little over an hour, I am departing for the airport (again) and the long haul of eight flights to Grise Fiord in Ellesmere Island, high in the Canadian Arctic. It has been a year since I was last in the Canadian Arctic, and I look forward to returning to this fantastic, remote location. Ellesmere Island is one of the very last truly wild places on earth, and it offers a unique opportunity to experience the harsh but beautiful Arctic winter. Of course, we are hoping for extraordinary encounters with wildlife, but cognisant of the realities of trying to find and photograph one of the hardest-to-find animals on earth, the white Arctic Wolf. The eve of an expedition such as this is always full of excitement and anticipation, and I look forward to meeting up with the team in Canada and heading out into the field.

I will be offline for most of March while I guide several expeditions for White Arctic Wolves and Polar Bars on Ellesmere. If you are trying to contact me during this time, please be patient, and I will get back to you on my return as soon as possible.

As my time here in Australia has been so limited between trips, I have not made a formal packing list for these expeditions; but I briefly discussed the equipment I am taking in my latest podcast HERE. If time permits, I will try and record a podcast or two during the expedition for later upload. See you in Ellesmere!

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