Workshop and Expedition Availability Update 2023

An update on the availability of workshops and expeditions this year. Currently, there are only three trips this year with open availability. For 2024 and onward, please visit my website at

Zululand Africa – May 20th – May 29th 2023 – 2 Places Available Only

This is the workshop for you if you have ever wanted to photograph African wildlife from eye level. We will use custom-designed hides and a brand-new safari vehicle designed specifically for eye-level photography. Full details of this workshop: Please contact me for information on last-minute places.

Wild Wolves of the Taiga Forest Finland – September 10th – September 18th, 2023 – 3 Places Available

If you have ever wanted to photograph wild Wolves, Wolverine and Brown Bears in the beautiful Boreal forest, this is the workshop for you. There is also an optional extension for both Eagle Owl and Golden Eagle from comfortable custom-designed hides. Full details on this workshop:

Antarctica Return to the White Continent – December 8th – December 20th 2023 – Limited cabin types available

A full dedicated charter to the Antarctic Peninsula for wildlife and spectacular ice and snow-covered landscapes. This charter only takes a maximum of 40 people, which means it’s the smallest number of people on any commercial ship in Antarctica. That means we will all land at the same time. Our days will be optimised around photography. That means you will be out late and early when the light is at its best and not dragged back to the ship because of inflexible meal times. Full details on this once-in-a-lifetime expedition are available here:

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