Photo of the Month April 2023 – Pallas Cat and Grass

The photograph of the month for April 2023 comes from my recent winter expedition to the Steppe region of Mongolia to find and photograph the stunningly beautiful Pallas Cat. 2023 was a fantastic year for snow conditions and Pallas Cats in Mongolia, and this photograph is one of my favourites from the year so far. With the cat coming directly toward the camera with one paw slightly raised, suggesting movement, and the cat’s gaze firmly fixed on my position, there is a perfect symmetry to the shot with the cat centred in the frame. The soft grasses in the background help give environmental context, while the fresh snow in front of the cat keeps the scene clean and uncluttered. The photograph was taken with the Canon EOS R3 with the Canon RF 600mm f4L IS lens. It was a deliberate creative decision to send the background grasses soft with a shallow depth of field to help isolate the cat from the background.

I will guide a small group of photographers again next January and July to Mongolia to photograph this magnificent wild cat. Only a few places are now available before both trips are sold out. Please contact me to register your interest or for additional information.

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